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Though it’s beginning to creep into the chilly winter months, it’s never too soon to begin considering your plan for landscaping and lawn maintenance for the next year. This is a great time to be weighing your options and formulating a game plan, so when the weather perks up and it starts to feel warm again, you can have your ducks in a row and beat the competition that demands popular services, especially when it comes to lawn irrigation.

Scheduling Your Sprinkler Installation

When it comes to knowing the best time of year for sprinkler installation in Denver, you’re going to be looking at the Autumn months. You need optimal weather since the work takes place outside, but the ground still needs to be soft and mutable in order to have the best time with the installation.

Fall checks both of these boxes, and it’s just in time for winterization requirements, so you can get two services knocked out easily without putting too much stress on your busy schedule. Many companies also offer great deals and discounts for “off-season” services, and since landscaping isn’t a big concern in the Fall months, you may score a nice discount.

Finally, Autumn has the least amount of precipitation without extreme heat like the summer. Avoiding the wet Spring and winter months can help make the job go quicker, and have fewer problems: saving you money in the end, as well as time.

Best Sprinkler Installation Tips

When you’re getting a sprinkler system installed, it’s important to keep these aspects in mind.

1. Schedule in Advance

Don’t wait for the last minute to get your name down for sprinkler services. Denver has a very active industry when it comes to landscaping, so the demand becomes quite high, especially during peak season. Landscape companies need adequate time to prepare and conduct the job, so making sure you plan a couple of weeks in advance will be the best for all parties involved.

2. Always Remember to Blow-Out

Winterization is extremely important for the maintenance and durability of your irrigation system. Making sure you take the right pre-winterization steps after installation and hiring a professional to come and winterize your sprinklers will protect you from paying a good chunk of money for repairs after damage.

3. Use a Professional, Trusted Company

Instead of opting for a DIY course of action, it’s best to spend a little extra to get a professional who has the experience and know-how for a proper installation. You will get the best materials, updated functions, coaching, and on-site assistance for any issues or problems that come up. It’s also beneficial to have an installation company handle your sprinkler system so that they can conduct inspections, repairs, winterization efforts, and minor adjustments to your landscaping and irrigation as time goes on. Plus, you will have the peace of mind that your system is installed correctly the first time, and you won’t be held at fault for any accidental damages.