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Sprinkler Repair FAQs

At Colorado Sprinkler Systems, we specialize in professional, individualized care of lawn and gardens throughout the Central Denver area. We have been providing quality, affordable residential sprinkler system services in Denver since 1995. We offer comprehensive sprinkler and landscaping services to residential and commercial customers in our community. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality sets us apart and has made us a leader in the industry. We are dedicated to operating with honesty and integrity, and providing our customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision about their lawn and landscaping care. Read through these sprinkler repair FAQs and then call us to schedule a consultation for sprinkler repair, maintenance, or installation.

Yes! You won’t need to waste precious time standing outside with a hose watering your lawn, garden, or landscaping. You also won’t have to maintain a watering schedule or adjust your schedule to meet the changing needs of your lawn and garden.

The amount of water your sprinkler system uses depends on the size of your lawn, garden, or landscaping area and your regional climate and temperature. In general, automatic sprinkler systems save water. Your irrigation system will be custom-designed to meet the needs of your lawn and landscaping without wasting water.

Typical sprinkler systems are composed of a controller, valves, and the sprinkler heads themselves. The controller acts as the brains of the sprinkler system and distributes the perfect volume of water at optimal intervals. The valves open and close to release water and stop its flow as needed. You can also customize your sprinkler system even further by installing timers, smart features, rain shut off devices, soil moisture sensors, and drip irrigation zones.

You should take special measures to prepare your sprinkler system for winter so that it doesn’t freeze or break. We can assist you with winterizing your sprinkler systems in late fall or early winter. Our sprinkler winterization includes turning off the water to your system, opening test cocks, draining water, opening the larger valves, quick cycling the system, and covering your backflow preventer.

A high water bill with no increase in usage could be a sign of a water leak. It might not necessarily be your sprinkler system, but it could be a burst or frozen pipe, damaged pipe, or damaged plumbing component. We’re happy to take a look at your system to find hidden leaks or signs that we need to repair a sprinkler system.

The cost of installing a new sprinkler system depends on the size of the system, the features, the needs of your landscaping, and the company and brand you choose. At Colorado Sprinkler System, we do everything we can to keep our costs low and our services affordable while maintaining exceptional quality and workmanship. We’re happy to offer a personalized estimate for the cost of sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and repair.

No, unfortunately it does not. Unless it rains in your area every three days with the exact same amount of rainfall each time, rainfall alone is not an effective or efficient watering system. To protect and care for your landscaping and make sure it stays beautiful and healthy year-round, you need a scheduled irrigation system.

The type of sprinkler system we recommend will depend on your landscaping and plants, weather and climate, location of plants and amount of sun exposure, and your budget.

We will evaluate your landscaping and plants to determine what type of residential or commercial sprinkler system is best for you.

Yes! We are happy to inspect, maintain, repair, and replace existing sprinkler systems.

Our sprinkler systems are designed to be easy to operate and maintain. We use specialized timers and controllers that are simple to adjust and program.

Leaks are the most common repair, and can be the most destructive. A water leak can waste money and water, damage landscaping, flood your home, and even affect your neighbors’ homes. We can quickly detect and repair leaks in sprinkler systems.

We inspect, repair, and maintain all major sprinkler brands. Each of our trucks contains parts for all major sprinkler brands.

We recommend that you get your sprinkler system inspected seasonally, if there are changes in its efficiency or usage, your water bill suddenly increases, or if you suspect there is a problem with the system.

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Why Choose Colorado Sprinkler Service

All of our sprinkler repairs come with a one-year parts and labor warranty, and our trucks are fully stocked with parts for all major brands. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can quickly evaluate and diagnose problems and find the most effective, efficient, and affordable solution for your needs. We are also happy to recommend solutions for saving water and money and improving the health of your plants and landscaping. We stay on top of the latest advancements in technology, equipment, and techniques in the industry so we are always offering our clients the best solutions.

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Call us today or contact us online to schedule sprinkler system repairs or maintenance in Central Denver, CO. We can assess your situation and inspect your existing system and find the most effective and affordable solution for your needs, goals, and budget.

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