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Do you know the signs to look for when your sprinkler system is calling for help? With our Denver Sprinkler Repair, we pride ourselves on not only our service when you need us but on our desire to educate you on yard maintenance to make sure you continue to have a healthy and happy lawn, even when you don’t need to call us for irrigation problems. We’ve listed out below some of the common issues you may start to notice if it’s time for your sprinkler system to get repaired or even replaced. Take a look to see if you see your issue below.

Sprinkler Repair Service in Denver, CO

Loss of Water Pressure

If you suddenly find your sprinkler pumping out way less water than normal, it’s a sign that there’s something malfunctioning within the system. A reduction in water pressure severely lessens your sprinkler system’s ability to adequately keep your lawn hydrated and healthy. So if the pressure has cut down, check for the source — a blockage, a rupture, a problem with shifting ground — and get your sprinkler replaced or repaired.

Uneven Watering

If you find that your lawn is thriving in some areas and desperate want of water in other areas, it’s a sign that there may be some problems with the overall functioning of the watering. This could mean that sprinkler heads are malfunctioning and need to be examined or even replaced. Check the system to make sure that the sprinkler head is not blocked and call for further assistance as needed.

Dripping Control Valves

The control valve is responsible for getting the right amount of water to each section of the yard and a well-operating valve has no problems getting the right amount of water dispersed for your yard. However, damp areas around the pressure regulators and filters are a sign something is wrong. Don’t let it go, a dropping control valve can cost a lot if left unchecked and can cause damage to the equipment as it erodes important components.

High Water Bill

If your water bill is high and you’ve investigated options as to why without an answer, your sprinkler system might be the culprit. A leak somewhere in the system may not seem like much, but constant water loss can start to add up very quickly until you find yourself with a water bill you didn’t expect. Have a professional investigate your irrigation system to make sure it’s not costing you money with little leaks that add up.

Sputtering or Inconsistent Heads

If your sprinkler has trouble keeping a steady stream of water, that could be a sign something is wrong. Off-target sprays, stops and starts, or sputters are signs that something may be wrong with the valve pressure or with the hardware on the sprinklers themselves. If you have pop-up heads they can also be knocked off balance or thrown out of position by shifting soil or a recent change in your yard.