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The freezing winter weather is no friend to home and business sprinkler systems.  Water left in the system through freezing temperatures can damage both the system and even your home, causing damaged pipes, flooding, and more.  

Sprinkler Winterization

Determining when to winterize your home or business irrigation system is an important part of maintaining your system and preventing costly repairs.  Your sprinkler system should undergo winterization prior to the first freeze of the year, which can sometimes be difficult to predict. A hard freeze is defined as the outdoor temperature falling below zero degrees.  Also, below the freezing point, some of the most vital components of your irrigation system can sustain damage.

Watch the local weather reports.  Ideally, you should winterize your sprinkler system one week before the first hard freeze.  It’s imperative that the water be drained or blown out of the lines with an air compressor prior to this winter event.

Three Types of Water Removal Methods for Sprinkler Winterization

Sprinkler systems are installed using one of three water removal methods:  manual drain method, automatic drain method, or blow out method.  Some systems may have a combination of manual drains and automatic drains at different areas of the system.   The blowout method is the best choice if you are unsure of the type of water removal method your irrigation system has.  The blowout method is best handled by a sprinkler system professional such as the team at Colorado Sprinkler Service.  

Professional Assistance With Sprinkler Winterization

If you haven’t already winterized your irrigation system for this winter season, now is the time to get this task done!  The friendly folks at Colorado Sprinkler Service can help you with this process that will protect your sprinkler system and your home from upcoming harsh weather.  Contact the experts at Colorado Sprinkler Service today to make sure your irrigation system is winterized properly and will be ready to resume its duties when the winter ends.