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Sprinkler Repair Emergency in Denver, COA sprinkler repair emergency can strike at any time due to a faulty system. This could ruin your lawn and cost you money in clean-up, so it’s vital to look for signs of trouble. Find out how to detect emergency sprinkler issues and who to call for sprinkler repair in Denver.

Sprinkler Repair Emergencies

Water Leakage From Multiple Zones

Unchecked leaks increase water usage and result in excess costs to your water bill. Since sprinkler systems have different zones that control water flow, it’s important to check these areas regularly for leaks. These leaks can occur in the diaphragm seal that fluctuates the internal vacuum pressures using a magnetic solenoid. If this diaphragm seal is damaged, it allows water to flow freely through the sprinkler valves at any time, causing damages to your yard and skyrocketing your water bill. A sprinkler repair professional can check these areas for damage and repair faulty valves, clear out blockages, or replace an improperly installed system.

Sprinkler Controller Issues

Your sprinkler system controller is the most important feature of your system since it performs many necessary functions, including:

  • Activation and deactivation of the sprinkler system when needed
  • Sprinkler coverage control
  • Allocates even water usage across the system
  • Promotes consistent operation for all mechanisms

Although it’s sometimes difficult to notice a faulty sprinkler controller, consistency is key. Lack of consistency in controller functioning including frequent shut-offs, sprinkler timing issues, and more, indicate that it’s time to replace your sprinkler controller. A faulty controller can cause many issues with your system and even have consequences for your green space.

Other Sprinkler Issues to Look Out For

Although not considered complete emergencies, these common sprinkler issues can still cause long-term issues if not resolved right away.

Problems With Sprinkler Heads

Damaged sprinkler heads are one of the most common issues for sprinkler systems. This is because they are easy to run over by a lawn mower or vehicle if set up too high from the ground. Luckily, damages are often easy to spot and require a quick fix. What to look out for:

  • Heads that fail to “pop up” when watering
  • Plastic casing damage around the sprinkler head
  • Spraying malfunctions such as water spraying too chaotically or not enough
  • Hardware or sprinkler head has been broken off completely

If you experience any of these common issues, simply replace the sprinkler head yourself or with assistance from a sprinkler repair professional in Denver. Always ensure that sprinkler heads are clear of any debris before resetting spray patterns.

Poor Water Pressure

Another common issue for sprinkler system malfunction is poor water pressure. This leads to poor lawn coverage, causing dried out lawns and dying plants. To avoid a total rehaul of your yardscape, ensure that your system isn’t experiencing any blockages, broken pipes, or faulty hardware. Call a sprinkler system repair professional to assess faulty or poorly designed systems and recover maximum operating pressure.

Colorado Sprinkler Service

Call a professional at Colorado Sprinkler Service with over 20 years of industry experience for your sprinkler repair in Denver. Our highly skilled technicians are dedicated to providing excellent sprinkler repair service to your home, with guaranteed workmanship and committed customer service. Don’t wait for a sprinkler emergency — reach out today!