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In a place as dry as Colorado, most people have a lot of trouble keeping their lawns lush and green without an underground irrigation system. If you live in the Mile High City, you might be interested in learning more about how Denver irrigation systems work and how they can provide you with the results you’ve always wanted. Here’s a quick rundown on how irrigation systems work and why they’re beneficial for those of us in one of the driest states in the country.

In the summer in places like this, watering your lawn can be time-consuming when done manually. You may also miss a few spots or overwater other spots if your only friend is a hose with a spray nozzle. Believe it or not, though, sprinkler systems are becoming more and more affordable and the installations are becoming easier for the average person, so if you want to keep your lawn or garden healthy, an irrigation system is what you need. There are several parts to an irrigation system, though, which we will go over. Let Colorado Sprinkler Service be your guide to the best irrigation systems for Denver lawns and plant boxes. 

Timer Controls

The first part is the timer controller. Your timer controls are mounted on or inside your home and act as the brain of your entire irrigation system. They are designed very simply though, typically like an old rotary phone. On the main panel, you can choose which area of your yard you want to water and for how long it runs. The timer is driven by electricity, which is connected to the main electrical panel. It needs individual lines connected to the controller and the outdoor valve systems in order to work. Electrical impulses travel along these lines at the specific times you set and start the watering cycle. These timers offer flexibility so you don’t have to worry about keeping a close watch on your watering process, which saves you time.

Underground Pipes

Most sprinkler systems work by laying out a basic framework of PVC pipes that are buried underground and supply water to each sprinkler. The pipes are attached to your home’s main water supply and move across your yard in a predetermined array so that your yard can get the right amount of water coverage. Most of the time, these pipes are set up to provide specific lawn zones, like your veggie patch and your rose bushes. The water delivered to these zones can be controlled and scheduled differently via the timer controls so that each part of your lawn or garden can get the correct amount of water.


Attached to the starting point of each piping zone is the valve system, which is usually inside a protected box. These are controlled by the timer’s electric impulses and are told to open or shut at the specified times you set the timer to water each zone and shut off afterward.


There are 3 main types of sprinkler heads: Bubblers, spray heads, and rotary types. The sprinkler head is dependent on the size of your yard or garden, the shape of your lawn or garden, and the shape and water needs of your yard or garden. Bubblers look like a bouquet of flowers and supply water at the bases of flower beds. Rotary sprinklers rotate from side to side and soak a specific area. Spray heads, however, are the most common sprinklers since they provide a gentle 360-degree water spray to a specified area.

If you’re interested in installing a new sprinkler system to your Denver home or business, we can design a custom system that will work for your yard, garden, or whatever else you have. All of our systems come with a complete 5-year warranty that protects your parts as well as includes our labor. Our parts are of the highest grade quality and we are ready to get started! IF you want to learn more or set up a free consultation, be sure to give us a call to set up a new system or maintain your old one.

At Colorado Sprinkler Service, we are the home of the “worry-free, value, guarantee”.