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Garden Irrigation Systems: Your Options

An automated sprinkler system is an essential must-have for a carefree lawn and garden.  A multitude of options exists to meet any budget, yard, and design challenge. Perhaps you have limited space or strict homeowner association guidelines.  No matter the challenge, the professionals at Colorado Sprinkler Service can help you select the garden irrigation system that is right for you and your family or business.  

What are some of the unique, creative options for your garden irrigation systems beyond the traditional irrigation methods?  

Eco-Friendly and Conservation Options

With growing emphasis being placed on water conservation and the environment, sprinkler systems that conserve or restrict the flow of water are a popular option right now.  While traditional water sprinklers spray a continuous flow above ground, options such as soaker hoses limit the amount of water flow and also restrict the water loss that occurs due to evaporation.  In addition, drip irrigation systems are an option that is eco-friendly and helps prevent water waste. Underground systems are often the best choice when considering environmental and eco-friendly solutions.

Weed Prevention Options

Garden irrigation systems can help you control the invasion of weeds on your landscaping.  Designing your system so that only certain zones are watered can assist with weed control. By limiting the water in certain areas, you will limit the growth of weeds in that area.  

Creative Design Elements

Water sprinkler systems exist to deliver irrigation to trees, plants, and lawns.  However, this does not mean they cannot also serve aesthetic and entertainment purposes as well.  Consider a quirky garden irrigation systems design in order to add the fun back into your yard. Irrigation systems can be designed to resemble an upside-down shower, an elephant’s trunk, or many other whimsical designs.  Your imagination is the only limit.

Dual- or Multi-Purpose Systems

You can kill two birds with one stone by installing a lawn sprinkler system that tackles two jobs at once.  Irrigation systems that also supply fertilizer serve a dual purpose and cut down on the amount of work required to maintain a lush, green lawn.  Besides fertilizer, irrigation systems can also be configured to dispense deer repellent, mosquito repellent, weed killer, bug killer, and a host of other additives that can make the maintenance and care of your hard more convenient.  

Navigating Your Sprinkler System Options

With so many options for your home or business irrigation system, how can you possibly choose?  The good news is that help is a phone call away. At Colorado Sprinkler Service, we can assist you with selecting the creative irrigation system to meet the needs of your home or your business.  As the area’s premier company for sprinkler installation, we have you covered no matter the type of system you desire.  Utilizing the latest in sprinkler technology, every system we install gives you the highest possible value.  All of our custom-designed systems exceed industry standards for water usage and conservation practices. We are the company in your corner for all things sprinkler installation, Denver.

For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today.