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Denver Sprinkler repair is a service that is most commonly used in the Spring – but there are times during the cold season when you may notice problems and issues. When is the best time to get these fixed?

Believe it or not, it is totally possible to not only repair but also prevent certain accidents from happening, which may cause permanent damage to your entire sprinkler system. If you are needing to repair your system, as it has already been damaged somehow, then in some cases, it is possible to repair your sprinkler system when the temperature falls between 32 degrees.

Most people usually have their sprinkler system repaired in the spring, but sometimes the inevitable happens and you are forced to make the repairs much sooner. Freezing temperatures can pose a major threat to your home or business’s sprinkler system, so if you find yourself in this type of situation, here are some ways you can safely make repairs and take precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen again!


You can make sure both your above-ground and underground pipes are adequately insulated to prevent any future damage, but you will definitely have to have any repairs needed to be done by a professional repairman.


Always be sure to drain your irrigation system’s pipes in preparation for winter, especially before the first freeze. It only takes one exceptionally cold night to take a serious toll on the functionality of your sprinkler’s system.


You should always be prepared in case of a freezing emergency. Have a plan set up and always check the weather for future temperatures to know what actions will need to be taken and how soon they need to be done. Wouldn’t you rather have prepared and have the freeze not happen, than the alternative happens and you remain unprepared?

Other Precautions to Take and Things to Remember

One of the main ways to be sure you won’t have to worry about any unnecessary, out-of-pocket repairs regarding your sprinkler system is to shut off your water supply that connects to your irrigation system. If your water is connected directly to your home’s plumbing system, then you may need an expert’s opinion on what steps you should take.

With your pipes being at such high risk for bursting in freezing temperatures, it is so very important to take any and all precautions you possibly can so that you know you will have nothing to worry about, and you can use your sprinkler system normally come springtime!

The pipes freezing isn’t the only major cause of bursting; the soil that your sprinkler system is buried in can actually freeze if the temperature falls below 32 degrees, and can cause your pipes to freeze more quickly than normal. Always be sure to insulate your pipes, whether they’re above or below the ground!

In the end, you really won’t know what your decision will ultimately be until you reach out to one of your local professionals at Denver Sprinkler Repair. You are guaranteed quality assistance in all of your sprinkler system repair needs!